Why It Is Important to Continue Making Films Like 12 Years a Slave That Deal with Racial Inequalities

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12 Years A Slave Reflection Directed by Steve McQueen, 12 Years A Slave and movies like it that deal with racial inequality, civil and human right violations, slavery and racism still need to be produced for the modern world’s viewing audience. It is very important because through these films, the struggles so many have faced, and continue to face today are brought to life in a very tangible way that lead us to reflect on the present and past mistakes so that these problems do not continue further. It is easy to brush these issues aside but everyone needs to realize there is still much work to be done before these unjust racial issue can be put to rest. A huge issue the world has faced throughout history is slavery, and by producing films that deal with racial inequality the audience is reminded and can reflect on why society is the way it is today and what needs to change. It is very important because if we do not understand our past we cannot address issues the world faces now properly. Why is racism and discrimination still a problem? Because people have been raised from birth with certain ignorant and racial thoughts and stereotypes ground into them. Unfortunately these values and thoughts about racial differences are passed down from generation to generation in a continuous cycle unless something changes. But how do we break such a mold? If our parents never taught us right from wrong as kids we would never have learnt otherwise, similarly many people have a racist upbringing as mentioned, and simply need to be educated so that they can learn right from wrong and no longer be ignorant. As we watch scene after scene unfold in McQueen’s movie, slavery comes to life in a much more concrete way as we see for ourselves how truly horrible and heart wrenching their situation was, it brings us to tears and leaves a lasting impression contrary to simply

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