Why Is Wooden Backboards Better Than Plastics

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Wooden Vs. Plastic Backboards are a rescuing device used by lifeguards that support a victim that has had a suspected spinal injury. The kind of backboards that are used are plastic and wooden, the lifeguards that use the backboard usually have a personal choice of which kind they like better. While saving a victim that has had a spinal injury a lifeguard is to hold the victim in a head chin splint or an ear covering technique until a backboard is brought over to the victim and rescuer. Without a backboard it would be difficult for a lifeguard to support the victim in any kind of waters while waiting for EMT’s to arrive, which can take a minimum of twenty minutes. The kind of board that is used can determine the life or death of the victim, if a board is not used properly. The lifeguards should have a backboard that they are comfortable with and are able to use without a problem. Lifeguards over the years have come to prefer wooden backboards over plastic because they…show more content…
Since backboards are put in the sun all summer it is important that they are able to withstand heat. Plastic backboards begin to crack once they get wet and become impossible to use while rescuing a victim. Plastic are known to last only two to three summers in the Arizona heat, when buying a board the guard must consider how long it will last. While the lifeguard can spend three hundred dollars on a plastic board that will last only three summers at the four hundred dollars a wooden board can last up to eight years if it is taken care of. Why spend three hundred dollars every three years on a plastic backboard while a wooden backboard would be four hundred dollars every eight years? Wooden backboards are additionally eco-friendly, made from organic materials while plastic backboards are made from chemical altercations. Durability is an important factor when it comes to saving a victim’s life with a

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