Why Is War so Good?

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Why is war so good?? War is defined as a conflict carried on a force of arms between nations usually in air, water or land. War causes much loss in population and to others causes grief. It is a wrong use of money and ruins the country’s reputation. It is inhumane and is against human rights. First of all, War is tool used to destroy the population numbers. Just recently there has been an article about an afghan massacre which killed 17 afghan civilians, the TV news also showed the deep mourning and sadness felt by the village. Destroying and massacring small villages just so the government can escape economic depressions and to put fear into the citizens is what modern wars are about. Fleeing refugees, murder from both the government and the enemy have resulted in such a devastated state of countries like Iraq and Afghanistan where the Taliban scares innocent people with death by military equipment. War is also a misconduct of human rights. Rape and torture are inappropriate and should be prevented. If war continues, human right may never be a part of a war-stricken country. These human rights misconducts are just another word to describe murder. Furthermore, war is not cheaply fought. Expensive equipment such as nuclear bombs are what some countries like North Korea are more interested in ,than using money to provide health, welfare services etc to their civilians. These civilians can’t even live in proper houses which are probably bombed every time they buy one and according to the United Nations, 400 000 children are malnourished in Iraq, which means the government is not supportive enough for its citizens. Also the money can be used to develop war-torn countries instead of trying to receive more money by affecting other countries. The war would make the country’s reputation fall. Developing countries should receive access to welfare, education and human
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