Why Is Visual Literacy Important Essay

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WHY IS VISUAL LITERACY IMPORTANT Melissa Helm CGD218 Week One Assignment Instructor Christi Magnuson July 1, 2014 It has been studied that people always learn better when they have something to look at and visualize. Some people have the gift to retain and remember knowledge just be hearing something or reading something. The majority, however have to see something. Our eyes are just like tiny cameras that take pictures of images each time we see something. If someone said, “Close your eyes and imagine what an orange looks like.” We could do that because at one point in our life, we have seen what an orange looks like. Brian Kennedy describes visual literacy as the ability to see a meaning from a mere image. Our textbook describes it as creating and consuming visual messages. They both are similar in what they say. Everything today is all digital. Some children do not even know how to tell time because it is much harder to learn that than to look at a computer or cell phone to see what time it is. Years ago, we did not have too much of visual literacy. It was used sometimes, but not like it is today. If you gave someone an assignment to read an article; they could read it, but would they truly understand what they just read. “We are now in the digital age” (Kennedy, Brian). Kennedy uses the example of “wink”. The wink can be interpreted in many different ways. The wink is a visual which can have a different meaning. I would say that Kennedy’s definition of visual literacy is what we use today. When we glance at an object, we see it for just as it is. When we actually start to really look at it and study the object, we can start to visualize and describe it in much more detail. Visual literacy can be a universal language just because it can several different meanings that although we may not know or understand, but visually we can

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