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Living Dead Day to day, millions of deaths occur around the world. We have come to accept it, as it happens to us all and we cannot stop it; we are simply dead, or we are alive. Perhaps the one exception to this rule is Tupac. For years, the death of popular rap artist Tupac has been on the fence. First he was declared dead, and then alive, and even now his status continues to be debated. Numerous facts support both his death and the possibility that he is still alive. But why would he hide out for so long and fake a death? Many fans and skeptics still explore the two sides of Tupac’s death. Tupac Amaru Shakur is considered one of the best rappers and MCs of all time. Numerous polls and awards back up the strong influences he has made throughout his career. However, many of Tupac’s successes and hits have occurred after his supposed death. Tupac Shakur was born on June 16th, 1971 in East Harlem, Manhattan, and his recorded death is September 13th, 1996. Whether Tupac is dead or framed his death and is still alive is a highly debated and unsolved case. While in actuality Tupac Shakur is recorded to be dead, far more facts hypothesize otherwise. While many of these…show more content…
In November of 1998, “2pac’s Greatest” was released, a greatest hits album containing six new songs. The songs were said to have been recorded before Tupac’s death, however one of the songs references the film Armageddon, which was not out while he was still alive. Another song on the same album congratulates the Denver Broncos for winning the 1998 Super Bowl, which took place while he was supposedly in his grave. When his album “R U Still Down?” came out in November of 1997, three videos were also released. When suspicious arose, Tupac’s manager claimed, “Tupac was a forward-thinking man. His performances in those videos were shot more than two months before his unfortunate 'death,' and in no way should indicate that Tupac is still

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