Why Is Thomas Paine Considered A Tyrant

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Thomas Paine was a very influential author, advised by his friend Benjamin Franklin, and with the help of a few letters of recommendation, Paine would emigrate from England to America. Upon his arrival in Philadelphia, he saw that the colonies weren’t getting along with their mother country England. England had an unfair advantage over the colonies, and Paine felt that the Colonies had every right to revolt against a government that imposed taxes and didn’t give those rights of representation the colonies very well deserved. He thought it was ridiculous and against natural law for an island to rule a continent. Paine’s main concerns were independence and to create a democratic republic. Paine being the co-editor of the Pennsylvania Magazine would put his ideas of American Independence in a pamphlet called Common Sense. Thomas’s arguments and ideas…show more content…
He thought the king himself was a tyrant, one that could not be trusted without being looked after. Thomas said the constitution of England had no meaning and that they were just flat contradictions. Thomas stated in his pamphlet, “And as a man who is attached to a prostitute is unfitted to choose or judge of a wife”, meaning that we should rid of England’s constitutional and that a new government should rise, one by and for the people. That a rotten constitution of government would disable them from discerning a good one. Also that if the colonies were to remain in a part of Britain it would’ve dragged America into unnecessary European wars, and keep it from the international commerce at which America excels. Paine would shrug off counterarguments against independence; like that war with England would cost us in years of war. Another argument against Thomas Paine’s idea of ridding of the king could be that without the king and its government, there would be chaos within the common people, and that perhaps they’d be too impulsive and even
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