Why Is There A Hate Crime Against African-American Lesbians

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McEneny 1 Jessica McEneny Professor Kirby WS 201 New Jersey 7 The New Jersey 7 is a group of women who have been convicted of allegedly attacking a man for saying hello. Their sentences range from three and a half to eleven years in prison. None of the women have any previous criminal records and two of them are mothers of young children. The women are African-American lesbians ranging in age from late teens to early twenties. The women were walking through Greenwich Village on their way for a fun night out when a brawl between them and Dwayne Buckle erupted. McEneny 2 She goes on to talk about Buckle’s testimony in the Manhattan Supreme Court. She gives a biased portrayal of the events that occurred in court by giving…show more content…
As Henry states, “Court observers report that the defense attorneys had to put enormous effort McEneny 4 into simply convincing the jury that they were average women who had planned to just hang out together that night (Para. 23).” He also points out that many thought this was a hate crime against a straight man when in actuality it was a hate crime against African-American lesbians. In Henry’s closing argument, he calls for a national call to action. He urges people to want to help these women in some way. This indicates even more that he believes these women should be free, and that self-defense is not a crime. The only crime is that these women were persecuted because of their sexuality and race. There were major differences in each article. Italiano’s article focused more on the glorification of Dwayne Buckle and less on the how the women should have been morally treated. Henry does incorporate his opinion throughout his article that the women should not have been convicted of such crimes, but his article has much more substance and facts rather than his own biased opinion. As many differences as there are in each article, they do share one similarity. Each article is framed differently if not polar opposite from each other, but they both focus on the dehumanization of the women. This replicates what women throughout the world go through on a day-to-day basis. Whether it be because of their gender, race, sexuality,

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