Why Is the Initial Consultation so Important? What Factors Will an Ethical Therapist Cover at This Time? Essay

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In many areas, the first meeting, or consultation, is extremely important. This is a time that forms the basis of the therapy. The therapist will gather information about the client (Hadley, Straudacher,1996). This takes place from the moment the therapist and client make contact. The main objective is to establish the client’s suitable for therapy and if there is a satisfactory therapeutic fit. This meeting is important for the client and therapist, where therapists instill a feeling of confidence and trust and where the rapport building begins through verbal, physical and visuals that are presented. (Maupoint 2009) Within this essay I will be discussing why the initial consultation is so important, the purpose of the initial consultation, what happens during this meeting and why it is such an important time in the client and therapist relationship. With this in mind, I will illustrate the importance of the initial consultation and the factors that an ethically minded therapist should cover to ensure safety for both parties. The initial consultation with the client, before therapy, is an important aspect of the whole procedure as this will assist in forming the basis of the therapy and for the client and the therapist to ask questions. The initial consultation is a time for the therapist to explain what hypnosis is to the client and answer any questions that may arise. It’s important for the therapist to begin gathering information on the client from the moment they first walk through the door. It gives the therapist an opportunity to establish a rapport with the client and gain their confidence. The establishment of rapport is the most important objective of the consultation and many believe that the success of the therapy depends upon it. The client needs to feel respected, heard, understood and liked by the therapist. (Maupoint 2009). In some instances
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