Why Is the Initial Consultation so Important? What Factors Will an Ethical Therapist Cover at This Time? Essay

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The initial consultation will usually be the first time that the client and therapist meet and therefore represents an opportunity for the therapist to assess the client and assimilate relevant information regarding a treatment strategy. Based on this, the therapist will be able to make an informed decision, firstly as to whether to proceed with therapy, and secondly how to proceed with therapy. The initial consultation is therefore vitally important if therapy is to be effective, beneficial and ethical. Clearly the more information that can be gathered regarding the client’s problem, the more the causes can be understood and the better the problem can then be defined and resolved [4]. As well as the initial consultation providing an assessment forum for the therapist, it should be remembered that the client will also make judgements relating to the therapist. How the client feels during the first consultation is likely to affect how he / she will respond to hypnotherapy. The way the therapist presents him / herself will create a first impression for the client who may be feeling apprehensive or nervous, especially if they know little about hypnotherapy and what to expect. A calm, professional environment will assist with making a good first impression with appropriate décor and furnishings. Muted, neutral colour schemes in the therapy room are least likely to ‘anchor’ the client to any previous negative associations regarding strong colours and should hopefully not provoke strong feelings or distraction in the client. Similar chairs for both therapist and client at the first meeting will help the client to feel ‘on a level’ with the therapist, comfortable and hopefully at ease! A therapist dressed in smart / casual clothing will hopefully help to instil confidence and an air of professionalism without intimidation for the client. Similar, neutral coloured
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