Why Is the Initial Consultation so Important? What Factors Will an Ethical Therapist Cover at This Time? Essay

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Word count:2121 The importance and relevance of the initial consultation is undisputedlyhuge and has impact on the effectiveness and potential success of the entire relationship between practitioner and client. It is usually the first formal point of contact where the client and practitioner meet. There may have been an informal chat over the telephone to arrange the appointment (which will also have impact on the success of the future relationship) but the initial consultation is the start of the formal client and practitioner relationship. This essay will discuss the elements that affect the efficacy of the initial consultation. The ethical behaviours of the practitioner should, at all times, be in accordance with the Code of Ethics, as set out by regulatory organisations to which they belong. In the relationship between the practitioner and client the role of the practitioner is one of perceived authority and it is vital that this position is respected by both parties and not abused. This being said we can use what we know about the subconscious reactions and negative statements to gear the use of language towards the client from the first point of contact. It is important that the therapist has no pre-conceived ideas about the client and should ensure that there are not biased opinions – these say more about the therapist than they say about the client, and the therapist should seek support to resolve underlying issues. It’s probably best to assess the elements in the order they would happen at the consultation and consider the impact and effects that they have on the consultation. The initial consultation will probably be arranged by a telephone appointment either direct, with the practitioner or through a reception service. Whatever the method of appointment taking and initial contact, it is important that the client is greeted in
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