Why Is the Initial Consultation so Important

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Why is the initial consultation so Important? Barbara Seal July 2012-08-13 Word Count 1944 For me the initial consultation is probably one of the most important steps to ensuring that the client has the best chance of having a successful outcome to the treatment that they are given. When we meet someone for the first time especially when we are looking for support within a professional setting, our first impressions are going to be made in a very short space of time. The Hypnotherapist the environment and the conversation that follows all play an important role in helping the client to feel confident that they can trust the Hypnotherapist and the treatment that they are going to receive is going to be positive. For the Hypnotherapist the Initial consultation is really about gathering Information, exploring the client’s history and really deciding ‘can I treat this person?’ So let’s take a look at each aspect of the initial consultation and the how each in term plays itself within this first meeting. The Ethical Factors (Within Initial Consultation) I feel that the primary ethical question that as Hypnotherapist is ‘Should I be treating this person’ Responsible, reputable Hypnotherapists will be able to answer this question once an initial consultation has taken place. Its why asking the right questions which we will look at later plays such an important role, for its only by gathering the correct information that both the client and the hypnotherapist will feel confident to progress to having treatment. Hypnotherapists need to be aware of their limitations of their training and experience and work within these limits and when available take advantage of professional support. In most cases the hypnotherapist will be able to help the client, if not they need to be able to have a system in place where they can refer clients to
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