Why Is the Initial Consultation so Important ? What Factors Will an Ethical Therapist Cover at This Time? Essay

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‘Why is the initial consultation so important? What factors will an ethical therapist cover at this time? When a client arrives for their initial consultation, this is obviously the first time they meet with the Therapist. This first meeting is important in determining the continuing relationship that will progress during therapy. In this essay I will describe and discuss what takes place during the meeting and explain some of the ethical issues that may face the Therapist The consultation should last for about 30 minutes. The Therapist will use this time to gain information about the client. In turn it gives the client the opportunity to assess for themselves, whether working with the Therapist will be beneficial for them. The initial consultation can be offered for free by the Therapist, but of course that is a matter of choice. If a Therapist decides that they do not wish to give this 30 minutes as free, they need to be aware that, if they are unable to assist the client further and need to refer them on to a Therapist more able to help, the client may feel that they have been unjustly charged for a service they have not received. This situation could ‘prove difficult if the person is in crises or not of a completely stable frame of mind.’ (Chrysalis- Module 3 p16) It is very important that free initial consultations are advertised correctly due to ‘complex legal issues relating to using free products as sales pitches.’ (Chrysalis-Module 3 p16) The first consultation gives the Therapist the opportunity to really assess whether their expertise is suitable to assist the client. It enables a rapport to develop between them and also gives the client a chance to decide if they wish to continue with any treatment and to form their own opinion of the Therapist. For example, the client may in the past have experienced a problem in their life with
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