“Why Is the Initial Consultation so Important? What Factors Will an Ethical Therapist Cover at This Time?”

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The first consultation is so important because it’s the consultation where we will assess the client, and probably the client will assess us too. Most therapists consider a free first consultation of 15 to 30 minutes to give them and the client the opportunity of meeting face-to-face and to know if it is possible to work together. A free first consultation will give the client confidence to tell us about them and also for the client to learn about the therapist and Hypnotherapy. The first consultation will determine the dynamic involved in the therapy, although we should always keep an open mind and awareness in order to readjust or make any necessary changes according to the client needs. Having obtained the clients name and address, we need to make sure that the client isn’t on medication especially on anti psychotic and antidepressant medication if this is the case we should contact their GP. It is also during the first consultation that we will acquire all the information we need to do the best work possible. Exploring the client’s history, so we can understand what was the reason that took them there, always bearing in mind that we should only treat the client for the specific reason he mentioned and not what we feel the client might need. We can discuss at this time with the client any fears they might have, any questions or misconceptions. Its where we will decide what modality is more suitable, if, kinaesthetic, visual or auditory, permissive or authoritarian. Build rapport and what induction style we should use and maybe discuss payment or more appropriate on my understanding , discuss how many times would the client like to see us in a month, if weekly fortnightly or monthly. What they hope to achieve working with us and what is realistic to achieve. By meeting the client face to face we can make sure that we can both work together and we will most
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