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The Coquette Hanna Foster uses this novel as an instrument to show that women in society were repressed. She wrote this novel beyond her years. To conclude that woman should and could have sexual freedom along with a voice to be heard. It was known that in early American culture a woman was unable to pursue a life that she may desire to have. Her writing made people, woman aware of their oppression, how little voice and choice they had. In society woman were bound by strict moral structure that must be maintained at all times. Morals maintained even in the privacy of home. The main character Eliza Wharton is labeled a coquette due to her social and moral compass. Her outward independence, flirtatiousness and coy attitude were looked down upon in her community. She did enjoy the lifestyle of an unmarried woman, the social gatherings; she was known for her social graces. Early in the novel she is placed in quarry when she becomes involved with two men. She couldn’t choose two polar opposites in their characteristics. Living up to her coquette reputation she wouldn’t have picked either of these men to marry, just pass the…show more content…
Let them despise and forever banish the man who can glory in the seduction of innocence and the ruin reputation. To assault associate is to approve; to approve is to be betrayed.” Foster uses this line to attack society with great vigor. She is saying society needs to change the present situation of women’s social status. The derogatory treatment of a woman’s true dignity and honor should not be justified. Eliza had to go into hiding, and died alone rather than be subjected to the heinous treatment of the supporters of societal rules for woman. Women were suppressed and unable to express any true feelings of passion that they

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