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‘Why Is The Construction Industry a Male Dominated Essay

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‘Why is the construction industry a male dominated employment choice?’

‘Women currently make up just 10% of the UK construction workforce.’ (The National
Association of Women in Construction 2007-2010) This statement is glaringly obvious to
anyone who has worked within the construction industry or has attended college to gain a
construction based vocational qualification. Therefore in this assignment I am going to
explore the reasons why more women do not enter the construction industry as a profession.
These reasons will be looked at from a social aspect and the rigours of some construction
trades, but my main points will be how this male dominated environment results in gender
and sexual harassment which then leads onto how this affects women from a health and
safety perspective. This will then lead me into exploring why women do not generally study a
construction based trade either in an apprenticeship or at college, and for those who
do enter, I am going to look at the problems of remaining in this area of work.   In
exploring these issues within the construction industry I am going to look at equality
and inclusiveness fundamentally and then more specifically in relation to gender,
comparing the moral and academic aspects of equality and what bearing this then
has on   inclusiveness within educational establishments and the workplace. After
making reference to several different sources, with some at variance on their views
of equality and inclusiveness, I will then analyse the outcomes on this subject and
relate how this impacts upon my own teaching strategies in the classroom and in my
attitude towards my students. Using current legislation I am going to discuss how
equality and inclusiveness in matters relating to gender impact upon the education system and also upon my own teaching practice, and then look at ways in which I
may address this within my own sphere of influence.
Before moving onto the discussion of...

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