Why Is The Alamo Important

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The Alamo Being a Texas resident, you can’t help but swell up with pride and genuine Texas loyalty whenever someone says, “The Alamo.” On February 23, 1836, 180-200 Texans, the exact number is unknown, were killed in the Battle of the Alamo against the Mexican Army. The army in question was led by General Antonio López de Santa Anna, who was known for being ruthless in his quest to guarantee that Texas would not become independent. Some call it a massacre, most call it a key point battle, but I call it inspirational. Let’s take a look at the Alamos humble beginning. The Alamo did not start out to be a war fortress at all. The original idea was to create missions across the new Spanish frontier, the Alamo being one of them. The Construction began on the present site in 1724, as a home and a heaven for not only Spanish but also Indians, the idea being to “colonize” the new unknown land and create a broader…show more content…
When I was in the 7th grade, we were asked to do a project at home to find out more about our own lineage. I just assumed that this would be another time wasting activity, not thinking anyone in my family could be of importance. I slowly began to notice that my family has been in Texas for a long time, leading up all the way to the Texas revolution, and then I noticed something that made me swell up with pride. My great uncle, Lieutenant colonel William Barret Travis, was one of my heroes and my top 5 favorite people of history before I even knew I was related to him, an almost direct descent! I became a Super patriot for Texas, knowing that it’s because of great men, like my uncle, that we are able to enjoy the rights and freedoms that come with being independent from Mexico. So I ask you, remember that 200 Texas stood up to 2000+ Mexican soldiers for you, remember Texas deserves its pride, and always, remember the
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