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* Terry fox was a Canadian athlete and a cancer research activist. * He started a cross-country run to raise money for cancer research. His goal ? To persuade every Canadian to donate a dollar. * Before he started running he had cancer in his leg and unfortunately had lost it. Many people told him he couldn’t do it. * Terry fox ran 5,373 km in 143 days before he had to stop because his cancer had returned. Terry died June 28, 1981. * Many Canadians dedicated a day to terry fox in hope to find a cure for cancer, and till today a national day exist. * Terry fox raised $1.7 million * After his death $ 24 million was raised * First terry fox run 3.5 million * Amount raised in 30 years of terry fox runs. 553 million. *…show more content…
* Vimy Ridge was one of the greatest battles led by Canada in WW1. In many previous battles Canadian divisions haven't been very successful. * However during April 9-12, 1917 all of Canada’s division took up the positions of Vimy ridge which was held by the German’s. * Vimy Ridge is an eight-kilometer-long hill with a maximum height of 110 meters, and it dominated the entire region. * So Canadians carefully planned and rehearsed their attack thanks to weeks of training behind the line. * At the end of the 4 day battle Canadians defeated the German's, showing Canada’s ability to affirm unity and emerge from under the shadow of Britain. Making it one of the defining moments in Canadian history * Battle of Ypres took place in Ypres,Beligum. It was always a target to both British and German forces in the great war. * It provided a strategic advantage: a hill stood over the town which had a great advantage point, also known as Hill 60. * Battle of Ypres took place 3 times. Allies vs German’s first battle (October 19- November 22, 1914) * Allies won and the battle started Trench warfare. Second battle (April 22-May 25,

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