Why Is Sport History Important

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Why is Sport History Important? Sport history can be an essential tool to introducing students to a deeper insight of American culture. The history of sports in American culture can help explore how our society has coped with ethnic, racial, and regional differences within the diverse nation we live in. The roots of sports trace back to the late nineteenth century. Naison (2002) stated “The birth of professional and college sports have served as two of the nation’s most powerful community-building institutions, helping to define American identity on the grassroots level as powerfully as our political system, our broadcast media, or Hollywood film.” The importance of sports cannot be ignored, overlooked, or underappreciated. Our society has proven that sports has helped evolved our culture from facing immigration implications, struggling conflicts with racial divisions, and undergoing the Great depression of economic change unmatched by any society in the world. The emergence of sports served as an escape from the everyday stress, pain, and hardships Americans faced during these troubled times (Naison, 2002). Many of the sports that we as students enjoy so passionately have important significant history behind it that relates to the development of our society. I believe as students enrolled in a History of Sports college course we are responsible for embracing the knowledge of our favorite child hood sports we enjoy so dearly and how the development of these activities came to past. Fellowshipping with other classmates enrolled in my Sports History course I noticed that some view the development of sports in different opinions. Some of my peers only see the value of how entertainment expanded the view and acknowledgement of sports in America, as well as the rapid growth of financial wealth sports have brought to American culture. I believe that playing the sport

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