Why Is Soccer Important To Officials

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Players to Officials Soccer can be an interesting sport depending how you look at it. If you look at the game through the eyes of the players, you may not like it. If you look at the game through the eyes of official, you could like it and vice versa. These two people have striking similarities and differences when you analyze the jobs of each individual. Who knows, maybe you will become one of these incredible people. From playing in the game to being on the field and controlling it while the game happens around you, a lot of things can change. The most noticeable of these changes is the perspective. When you are a player on the field, the perspective is much more intense and focused. You are concentrated on trying to get the ball when it comes to you. When the ball is in your…show more content…
Players need a variety of different skills to be effective on the field. These include ball control, passing, speed, and communication. Ball control is the ability to keep the ball and move with it while maintaining complete control. This is the most important one to have. This is where all the fancy tricks you see originate from, basic ball movement and agility with some flare. Passing skills are important for teamwork. This is the ability to kick the ball to another player with the appropriate power and accuracy. This can be key to a game of soccer. Speed is a key factor in the game. The faster you are the better. Not only is running speed important, but the speed at which you pass or move the ball can be the key. The faster this is performed, the harder the time the opponent will have predicting and reacting to the move. A fourth and vital skill is communication. A player needs to talk to his/her teammates to play effectively. If no one talks, then it is hard to work together. If you say that you are open for a pass, then it probably will not get passed to you and they could lose the
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