Why Is Lady Macbeth Bad

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Haley Gengenbach Honors English 12 Mrs. Kloepping November 18, 2012 Macbeth People can change for the good or for the bad. Through out the play, Macbeth goes through these phases by starting out the play by being a loving and caring husband to not caring that his wife has committed suicide by the end of the play. As the play goes on, Macbeth continues to change for the worse. He is taken over by that fact that he has all this power and no one can take him down due to the prophecies the witches have gave to him. Every husband should be as caring and as in love with his wife as Macbeth is towards Lady Macbeth. Macbeth is away from his wife on a journey for quite some time. As soon as Macbeth arrives inside of the gate doors, Lady Macbeth runs down to greet her husband. He is just as happy to see his wife as she is to see him, they share great affection towards one another and everyone in the kingdom can tell they are crazy about one another. Lady Macbeth knows how much Macbeth loves her and that he should be willing to do anything she asks him to do. Once she figures out that he will do anything for her, that's when his personality turns for the worse.…show more content…
But the only way they would have total power over the kingdom is if Macbeth becomes king and the one way he could become king is if Duncan is murdered. Lady Macbeth persuades Macbeth to kill Duncan while he sleeps and make it look like his guards have murdered him. Macbeth gives into his wife and kills Duncan in his sleep and becomes very paranoid that the guards witnessed him killing Duncan and kills the guards as well. Macbeth becomes overwhelmed with the thought that he killed his ally. Every time Macbeth mentions Duncan's name at dinner, the ghost of Duncan appears but only Macbeth can see him. The killing of Duncan is the trigger that leads to this whole downfall of
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