Why Is John Proctor Important In The Crucible

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The main theme of the Crucible is that it is better to die honorably than to live dishonorably. This is illustrated by Rebecca Nurse, Giles Corey and John Proctor. They never stoop down to pointing out other people to free themselves and they wouldn’t admit to making a pact with the devil because they never made one, no one it the town was committing witchcraft. Once mass hysteria broke out in Salem there was no stopping the accusations and convictions brought by the corrupt court system. The court was used as a tool to distruct the lower people is society so the upperclass could prosper. Rebecca Nurse is arguably the most honorable character it the play and dies honorably. She challenges the court by stating “Why, It is a lie...how may I damn myself ... I cannot” when she is being questioned about making a pact with the devil. Even though she knows not confessing means certain death she will not dishonor herself by lying. From the very beginning she says “There is prodigious danger in the seeking”. She knows from the start that the witchcraft scare is a hoax but little did she know she was foreshadowing her own demise. Giles…show more content…
Many of the people in Salem couldn't take it and took to Danforth’s deal and added more flame to the fire by pointing out their friends and neighbors as witches. Danforth was the real devil in Salem and he wouldn't stop tormenting the people until they were utterly crushed and defeated. Danforth was fighting a war with himself but everyone else took the blame not the man that had to keep pushing it farther and farther until he felt in total power. In conclusion the people of Salem had to make one of two decisions and the purest of people in society chose death over dishonor and ended up hanging from the
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