Why Is John Marshall Important

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John Marshall The United States Supreme Court has evolved since it began in 1789. The head poncho of the United States Supreme Court is the Supreme Court Chief Justice. John Marshall was one of the first Supreme Court Chief Justices; His footsteps would become evident to men who were fortunate and willing enough to follow them. Marshall was appointed by President John Adams in the 1800s and therefore became the fourth Supreme Court Justice of the United States. The judiciary branch was created to help check and balance our United States federal government. The Supreme Court, as you should already know, is the highest of all courts. The men we call who run the Supreme Court meetings and make important decisions concerning are welfare are Supreme Court Justices. They are as hardworking as the president but not as recognized.…show more content…
John Marshall was dedicated to his professions and served in office for a lengthy period. Lawyers and students in Law School study Marshall’s viewpoints to get an edge on other lawyers. They do this because they believe his views are correct and that if they could see things as he did, they would be successful. This paper is about a federalist named John Marshall and his many accomplishments and hardships during his well lived out life. For now on, when you think of the great founding fathers of this booming country, you will think of John Marshall and how he shaped the judiciary
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