Why Is John F Kennedy Important

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11/29/2011 John F. Kennedy Some very important people today, may have been taken for granted before being successful in their day. These people usually work their hardest though, to be more recogonized and make their family proud. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was one of these people who wanted to make a difference. John F. Kennedy was a historically significant figure of the 1960’s because of his hard work on helping make the world a better place. John “Jack” Kennedy was born the second of nine children on May 29th, 1917. At the time, the Kennedys lived on 83rd Beaks Street of Brookline Massachusetts. But the Kennedys would move several times before buying the house in Cape Cod Massachusetts that they would call home. As a boy, Jack was often sick, he was nearly killed by Scarlett Fever at the age of 4. Growing up in his older brother’s shadow, Jack would compete with his brother in sports, but not so much in education. He learned to play tennis very well, became an exper sailor, and was an amazing swimmer by the age of twelve. Jack enterred Harvard University in the fall of 1936, and he soon noticed that his older brother, Joseph Kennedy Jr. had left quite an imprint on the school. Jack felt lesser due to this his freshman year and appeared careless without any obvious goals. Not giving his full potential, Jack got average grades and was an average kid his freshman year. He would focus more on sports that year instead, he made the football team and junior varsity team for swimming, but was forced to stop both of…show more content…
Kennedy was shot. The suspect was Lee Harvey Oswald, but he was shot before being tooken to court, by Jack Ruby. The court later found Oswald guilty, but America may never know who really shot the President. He was shot twice, once in the neck and once in the head, people captured it on video. The event left all of America

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