Why Is John F Kennedy A Hero

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John F. Kennedy is one of the biggest symbols of the sixties. He was the hero through the Cold War and the Peace Movement; he was the biggest celebrity. Unfortunately, he would become famous even after his life because of the events that took his. John F. Kennedy was an inspiration to his generation and will be for many more. He planned for a brighter future and a peaceful future. He aimed for the moon, though never reaching it in his short life. The assassination of John F. Kennedy had an impact on the life of every American; every man around the world will remember him and his assassin differently and each man will come to his own conclusion from the facts released to the public involved in the murder of John F. Kennedy. As Kennedy was…show more content…
Kennedy in the first two years of his term. They saw his high life and they saw the low. The lowest point of the decade was November 22, 1963. Newspapers all headlined the Kennedy name the following day; TV news stations played the same clips over and over. John F. Kennedy had been shot and killed in Dallas, Texas while riding in a parade. Newspapers gave only the logos in articles. The nation had so many feelings of its own, no other styles even need to be mentioned. Sentences were simple and aimed to inform even in the least educated in the country. Everyone had a right to know the facts of their hero's passing, and everyone felt it differently. The Dallas Morning News headlined the following day "Kennedy Slain on Dallas Street" and gave few details to the actual assassination. Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in as president a few hours after Kenneday passed. The newspapers declared Johnson's speedy inauguration and he then released a statement of mourning for Kennedy as the thirty sixth president. "John Fitzgerald Kennedy has been taken from us by an act which outrages decent men everywhere;" (Johnson) Johnson was able to describe how every man in America was feeling with the opening sentence of his proclamation of a national mourning day. Johnson highlighted Kennedy's hand in our nation, he spoke of his endeavors and devotion to our country. Everyone including the vice president respected John F. Kennedy and all were devastated to see…show more content…
Kennedy shot, but his death is still seen as controversial. Investigations have raked over all evidence given in original testimonies, all witnesses, and all possible coverage of the assassination. Everyone was shocked at the murder of such a great man, and the nation was weary to believe the government after seeing and hearing the controversial footage. The original death statement released from the U.S. government explained that Kennedy had been stuck at the back his head with a bullet. No witnesses saw a lurch forward from the fatal shot though. A home video was recovered from the parade and has been critiqued by every American since that day. The footage shows a backward lurch, as if a shot had been fired into the president from the front of his car. According to the document released from the government, American scientists have agreed that the movements of Kennedy were not possible from a shot taken from the rear. Theorists claim Kennedy was also shot from a grassy knoll to the front of his car, but the government only accused and charged one gunman. One home video is not convincing evidence to a separate theory though. The government still claims that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman, but documents realeased are incriminating against all involved. Statements released are vague and don't give any more details than the bare minimum. Logos is used in the death statement, but not very much or

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