Why Is It so Difficult to Define Citizenship?

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Why is it so difficult to define citizenship? To start off I think I should begin by defining the term citizenship. Citizenship is defines as “an individual’s legal membership of and recognition by a state that grants mutual rights and obligations between state and citizen” nonetheless, the notion of citizenship is much more intricate. It has numerous types that would offer based on who is listing them. An example of this would be noble friendliness and the approval of mutual democratic standards. In places such as Britain, numerous residents are not concerned with difficulties concerning public matters, and an example of this could be the fact that voting is not don’t by everyone. Not too long after the end of WWII, Marshal came up with the idea of social citizenship. He promoted the significance of positive social rights that ensured the people a minutest level of basic endowment and acknowledgement of the prestige in society. This furthers the communitarian outlook that stressed the prominence of community interests and values. Etzioni was an American political and social writer and was the renowned maker of the communitarian programmed in the early 1990’s. Similar to this, there was an expression of that understand that It was wanted for people who had gained from the success of the 1980’s to show worry for social ills and not just self-interest. This was Douglas Hurd and he felt that people should be a part of their community. In contrast to these there are non-conformists who have faith in the superlative significance of the human individual rather than any social group; these are points of those who are conservative. In conclusion to this I consider the term ‘citizenship’ as being challenging to express due to the fact there are many dissimilar opinions on the midst of citizens. Moreover, different countries also have different communal, civil, governmental
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