Why Is It Important to Tell Stories? Essay

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Student Teacher Hon/ Comp Lit 6 Sep 2012 Why is it important to tell stories? Stories are the invisible time capsules from ancient times. We can tell stories about what happened, what is happening or even what we think will happen. Stories are and important part of human nature. Without stories, we wouldn’t know where we came from or any of our past in fact, but stories have more purposes then just history. Stories can be used to persuade people or give an example of an emotion that would otherwise be difficult to understand, and they can be used to help people heal from difficult experiences by writing in therapy. In today’s world stories persuade, show emotion and help with therapy. Stories are told to persuade. People use all kinds of stories to persuade whether it is for something like a donation or a vote. People use stories mixed with a lot of pathos. Sometimes they will tell a story an orphan or maybe something like a presidential candidate’s past. When they finish their story about the orphans, they say that for just one dollar a day, you could help feed all the orphans. They use your emotions to get money for their foundation. The same thing can happen during presidential elections. If one of the candidates did something in the past that could cause him or her to lose voters, a story could be told about a young man who made a dumb decision, then say the young man was a candidate. By telling the story before saying who it was about will stop anyone from having a bias opinion. Without a bias opinion, the reader or listener is more open minded and the story will trigger their emotions then they find out who the story was about. They will come to a realization that might cause them to change their mind. Stories are also told to give an example of an emotion that would not make sense unless you went through the actual experience. Sometimes people see

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