Why Is It Important To Congress Have To Vote?

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Early Begum Mrs. Khori Honors History February 21, 2013 Elections The presidential election of 1824 was finally decided by the House of Representatives because no candidate had won the majority of the electoral votes. Therefore following the procedures of the 12th amendment, the House of Representatives now had to choose from the top three candidates: Jackson, Adam, and Crawford. And around that time in the first few months of 1825 became a month where there where many back-room bargaining and even rumors where spreading about representatives trading their votes for ambassador posts and cabinets jobs. Finally on February 9, 1825 the House of Representatives met to vote, after more than a month of arm…show more content…
As though both men had denied this act rumors said that Adams promised to make Clay secretary of state if Clay swung the vote in Adams favor. Therefore as the vote neared Clay worked very hard for Adams. Therefore after John Quincy Adams was announced the president the public galleries in the House broke into such an uproar of booing and hissing that Speaker Clay had ordered them cleared. And three days later the new president nominated Henry Clay as his secretary of state, which made the Jackson supporters even more furious, after all he had won the largest share of popular votes with 42 percent. So to conclude those were few of the events that late became known as the “corrupt bargain”. The Electoral College is a body of electors chosen by the voters in each state to elect the President and Vice President every four years. The purpose of the Electoral College is to pick the president. No I do not think the president and vice president should be chosen entirely by popular vote, because I don’t think it’s fair. In my opinion I think the votes should be half and half so the candidates have to win half of the popular and electoral votes in order to become president and vice president. Because I honestly think that just makes the election more fair, interesting, competitive and more
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