Why Is It Hard To Find a Good Job? Essay

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Why it is hard to find a good job in today’s world with just a high school diploma? I feel like over the years’ time has changed. All though a lot of jobs require a high school diploma it’s yet hard to find one especially in after a recession. In today’s world I feel it’s gotten a bit harder in finding a job with just a high school diploma. I’ve noticed that that a college degree is now starting to be looked at as a regular accomplishment not. High school use to be the one big thing but I feel you have to make it through college in order to find a good job in today’s economy. I’ve had many friends graduate from college and not find a use of their bachelor’s degree. I believe you can still make it with a college degree but if you want to be successful for sure you may have to further your education with a PHD or a Master’s degree. I feel like there isn’t many jobs out there for people and if there is you’re on the same list with about ten others and it all comes down to who has a better resumay. I feel like if you are just as good as a professional you shouldn’t have to go to college for as long as someone who isn’t as good; me speaking Spanish for example; I believe I should only have to take a few of the highest level of Spanish classes and if I was to pass them I should move onto the education classes and be able to grad with less classes that aren’t necessary. I’ve had two sisters move out from New York in search of a better life along with a better job. Although mortgage and car insurance is cheaper in the state of North Carolina yet finding a job still isn’t easy. My sister Roxanne moved out from New York and it took her about three months to find a job. Within those the three months she decided to go back to school and get her generational education diploma. While she was working on getting her diploma within the three months she was applying for jobs;

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