Why Is It Ethical To Use Steroids In Sports

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Taran Patel Period 5 3-9-09 “Steroid Abuse in Major League Sports” In discussions of Major League sports, one controversial issue has been the use of performance enhancing drugs. While on one hand league commissioners want the game to be fair, and to have players of natural talent only, On the other hand commissioners don’t want to ruin the image of their league and lose their entire loyal fan base due to the fact that many major players use steroids to enhance their performance. That is why in my opinion I believe that stricter drug testing policies should be enforced. The result of these tests should also be kept private and all consequences for failing should remain private in order to keep the good image of the sport. When it comes to the drug testing policies in sports, nobody comes close to being as strict…show more content…
Ethics in sports is just as important as ethics in any other situation. To use steroids or any other performance enhancing drugs is just unethical and not fair to the game. Many records have been broken, but as fans how can we be sure that these records have been broken fairly? Frank Deford suggest “Maybe we’re more programmed to accept cheating in sports In this country since we grew up bitterly tolerating such utter corruption and hypocrisy in college athletes we love” (Source E) This may in fact be the sad reality. So in conclusion if Major League sports want to protect themselves for the future they must act now and enforce stricter drug testing policies. If public opinion is what they are worried about they can always keep the results private and punish the player in a financially way instead of banning them completely. By eliminating accusation and drug abuses the Leagues will be setting themselves up for a much more successful future. All of these steroid abuse reports gainsay the famous quote “Don’t hate the player hate the game” but honestly how
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