Why Is Gossip Girl Be Banned

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The novel Gossip Girl by Cecily Von Ziegesar, is just one of many books that have been on the banned or challenged books list in the past. Reasons for banning the book range from its sexual content to offensive language and much more in between. This book has also been banned despite what the first amendment states, because of the real-life situations that are portrayed throughout the novel. However, there could be other solutions instead of banning the book. Although Gossip Girl may be questioned for certain elements within the novel, it should not be banned to everyone. A book that is banned is usually removed from libraries and classrooms because of its content. Books can be challenged or banned for many reasons, such as political, religious, sexual or social content. This would be called censorship, which would inhibit others from seeing certain information. It’s when materials are removed from things we see everyday such as TV, music, books, or the internet, because the content may appear obscene or objectionable. The first amendment states, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise…show more content…
There are constantly swear words thrown into conversations throughout the novel. For example, when Chuck asks questions such as, “’What was your all time best fuck?’” or when he makes comments such as, “’He fucking wrote it’” (Von Ziegesar 28). Another example, would be when Blair is angry with Serena and thinks to herself, “That nasty, slutty bitch” (Von Ziegesar 138). Again, when Serena talks to her brother Erik, he just continuously says “’Fuck ‘em,’” and “’You can’t let assholes turn you into an asshole’” (Von Ziegesar 166). This just shows that some teenagers really do use constant language such as swears in everyday conversations. However, the language obviously may offend someone reading the novel because of its continual

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