Why Is Gettysburg A Turning Point

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The Battle of Gettysburg: Why Was It a Turning Point? The civil war. One of the wars that will forever be recorded in history. The number of casualties unthinkable but one certain battle is responsible for a majority of them. The Battle of Gettysburg. The new general of the union, Meade, had only FOUR days to prepare for the immense battle. (BGE) The days before the battle were actually quite peaceful. Soldiers eating freshly picked fruits from trees, confederate soldiers even helped a Yankee farmer lift a fallen horse out of a water tank. (BGE) The battle of Gettysburg: why was it a turning Point? Turning point of course meaning a battle that took a large part in deciding the winner of the war. The Battle of Gettysburg was a turning point of the civil war for 3 reasons: Lee's northern­most attack…show more content…
(DOC B) Over half of all the people who have been fighting this war for over 3 years! The total casualties is a number of how many people were killed, wounded, or missing. (DOC B) The confiderates actually had less wounded, less missing, and possibly less dead. (DOC B) It still hit them harder though because they had a smaller army. The union had an army about three times as big. (DOC B) Of course knowing basic math that means the percentages of casualties for the south will be larger. Furthermore, trust me the momentum shift was noticeable. The last reason I believe the battle of Gettysburg was a turning point is because of morale and momentem shift. The south thought they had the upper hand. They were invading Pennsylvania and they had the "better general." (BGE) But now the South has lost a battle... An important battle. Lee is trying to resign and the other generals have been added to the casualties list. (DOC C) The BIG casualties list. Morale is plummeting for the south. (DOC B) Meanwhile the North could not be more proud with their victory. President Lincoln came to give his famous speech which even little children know of today. The speech may have only been two minutes.
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