Why Is George Washington A Significant American

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Significant American: George Washington By: Gulbir Chahal 9/10/12 Book: George Washington: A Biography Author: Washington Irvy Date: 1796 Publisher Name: New York: Double Day / Da Capo Press George Washington George Washington is a significant Figure in U.S. History, he was one of the founding Fathers of the United States, highest ranking officer and the United States first president. On February 11th, 1731 George Washington was born to Augustine and Mary Ball Washington. George had 6 siblings, when at age 11 George Washington’s father died. George later went on to become a Founding Father of the United States and then the first President. There were many reasons why Washington was a significant American, one major reason was because of the American Revolution. Soon when the British started attacking New England, Congress appointed George Washington as Commander in Chief even though he didn’t want to be at that position. He won many battles and lost battles as well, his first battle at Boston, MA, his army was under attack by the British forces, they had no ammunition of any sort. During a long standoff the British were forced to withdraw…show more content…
After the Articles of Confederations seeming to fail, Washington stepped in, even though he attended these Constitutional Conventions he didn’t debate much, but rather he looked over what the Congress was doing. With the help of other delegates, the Constitution founded by the Founding fathers replaced the Article of Confederation and is still being used today as our Constitution. Without him being elected as President of the Convention, he led all the delegates to agreeing to this Constitution, and then this being ratified by all of the 13 States. George Washington didn’t want to change the Role of Congress, which he respected and not to exploit his presidential power to keep everything in
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