Why Is Etiquette Dinner Important? Essay

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Memo To: Lott Saluck, Jr. Associate From: Pedro Lack, Sr. Associate Date: April 11, 2015 ------------------------------------------------- Re: Why understanding etiquette table manners is important? Etiquette dinners believe it or not, play a tremendous part in what makes us civil human beings. For this reason table etiquette and table manners are important to know. Some people may think having an etiquette dinner is the same as eating dinner at home. But etiquette dining actually says more than just eating. It reflects your way of living based on how you been educated. This is another way of demonstrating your respect. It is very important to understand etiquette manners because it shows if one understands and is aware of the different rules and conventions for eating that are govern by different cultures. This shows the idea that if there are different standards that people abide by, then one would have the confidence to behave appropriate by them. By doing this you are able to show respect to the host. Good etiquette manners demonstrate the education you have received. It reflects on the way you eat and live at home. By having good dinning manners you are able to establish your reputation and credibility in front of business associates who are meeting you for the first time. This is the reason why knowing who you are eating with and showing manners when you eat is going to help set a great first impression. I once was told that eating at a business etiquette dinner, is a reflection of my breed. By breed they are referring to the way I have been educated and influence by family and culture. Eating has become more than just a necessity. It is viewed now as a way of extending respect and courtesy to other people and sharing with them how educated and aware you are of others. The way you eat and treat the persons at the table, tends to show others

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