Why Is Criminal Justice Considered Society's Last Line Of Defense

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Module 1 Homework Assignment CRJ100: Introduction to Justice Administration Timothy Sox Brian Danigole May 29 2012 1. What is an institution of social control? Explain how criminal justice is an institution of social control. Institution of social control: an organization that persuades people through subtle and not-so-subtle means to abide by the dominant values of society. Criminal justice is part of the institution of social control, because they persuade you to follow social values. They call these social values laws. Some of the laws they want you to follow are: speed limits, do not steal, do not commit murder, and do not vandalize other people’s property. To persuade you to follow the law, they punish you if you break them. 2. What three agencies make up the criminal justice system? Why is criminal justice sometimes considered society's "last line of defense"? The three agencies that make up the criminal justice system are: police, courts, and corrections. The justice system starts when a crime is reported to the police. After the police make an arrest it goes to court. The courts decide whether to charge the suspect with a crime or not. Once the courts make a decision, it goes to corrections.…show more content…
The first problem with this definition is the definition means different things to different groups. For example if you give someone a friendly pat on the back, did you commit assault? The second problem with the definition is it is open for interpretation. Do you have a right to tell a police officer to shut up, or stay out of your business? The third problem with the definition is, it can change time to time, and place to place. At one time marijuana was illegal in all states, but now it is legal in some states with a prescription from your doctor, while it is still illegal in the other
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