Why Is Athens Important

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World History Project Athens Paper Athens Athens was the largest city of it’s time in Greece, and controlled the region of Attica. The city of Athens lay between mountains, in a fertile valley where sources of silver and other minerals could be found. The combination of fertile soil, protection from the mountains, and rich sources of minerals allowed Athens to grow into the most culturally advanced city of its time. Athenians took on extensive building projects, and even had the first democracy. There is currently not a country in the world that was not influenced, at least in part by Athens. (Ancient Greeks: Athens 1). The first symbol on our flag is an owl; we chose this symbol because it is the animal of Athens’s patron goddess Athena. Athena was the ancient patron goddess of Wisdom, war, the arts, justice, industry, and skill. (Tuccinardi 1) Every single one of these ideals could be identified with Athens: wisdom, for its scholars and libraries, war for its great walls and armies, the arts for its breathtaking buildings and statues, justice for its democracy, industry for the amazing speed at which they built, and skill for all the inventions that were created in ancient Athens.…show more content…
The best example of this would probably be during the Peloponnesian war when Athens used its navy to engage in hit and run tactics against its greatest rival, Sparta (Athens: Ancient Supercity) The other ideal that the lion represents is leadership, which is best personified by Pericles, who dominated Athens during its golden age. Pericles masterminded the construction of the Parthenon and brought the arts and sciences to whole new levels during his reign. Due to these amazing feats, Pericles is known as the greatest Athenian of all time. (Athens: Ancient
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