Why Is Assisted Suicide Morally Wrong

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“Thou Shalt Not Kill” is one of the most well known commandments, and in some cases, most controversial. Assisted suicide is a prime example of one of these controversies. Physician assisted suicide, also referred to as Physician Aid in Dying (PAD), is a practice whereby a physician prescribes a lethal drug dose to a capable terminally-ill patient, upon the patient’s request, with the knowledge that the patient intends to use it to end his or her life. The dose must be self-administered. While generally seen as unbiblical, as well as immoral, this practice has recently become more condoned. Oregon and Washington both have PAD laws in place, Montana has a court order, and Vermont’s lawmakers recently approved their own assisted suicide bill on Monday, May 14th. Assisted suicide serves an essential purpose in today’s society because it gives one the ability to pass away with dignity, and represents the constitutional message of freedom.…show more content…
48% over whether it is morally acceptable or morally wrong”(Saad), more divided than even abortion and gay relations. But why is this? PAD is a personal choice of an ill individual, which affects no one’s life except their own. While the bible, and general morality come into play, what about dignity? The later stages of terminal illnesses can make a person almost completely unrecognizable, physically as well as mentally. Assisted suicide gives families and patients the ability to have pure and familiar parting memories. The PAD law/bill is most often referred to as, or called, “Death with Dignity”, which should be a right of all

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