Why Is America A Bully Or Ally

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America: Bully or Ally? America, seen as the world’s main super power, has ultimately become an international protector of weaker countries. Who decided that America was responsible for the world? With so many problems found within America, why are our armed forces sent to aid so many other nations? Do the citizens of these countries actually want Americans intervening, or should the focus of this country be redirected? It is true that those able to help should serve the needy, but there are lines that need to be drawn, when it comes to sending aid. America has fought to bring order to corrupt governments found across the globe, however, these changes are unlikely to survive in countries that despise America and its beliefs. In aiding…show more content…
Many people sharing their values and ideas on the topic truly help present the facts in a different light, instead of just seeing what the government tells the American people. One user on an online debate was discussing the use of military forces to spread democracy and said,”If we're only going to spread democracy to countries that are rich in resources, while we leave oppressed countries to squalor, then we're not really spreading Democracy... we're colonizing... we're spreading America”(“Does the United” 4). Another online user, Neal Jackson, shared his opinions online saying,“The problem is that democracy does not work for all cultures. Trying to bring an American type of government to a completely opposite culture is like putting a three piece suit on a redneck (No offense to my redneck friends). Some foreign cultures just don't fit well with democracy and it's a waste of time”(Jackson 1). Jackson went on to summarize his view with a great statement, “My point is that no matter what we THINK, it's not our business to judge how another country should be run. We would have a fit if Israel were to send troops onto our soil with the intent to fix our moral decay with their policies and laws, so why do we think that it's alright to do the same to other countries? We would do more good to take our troops out of other countries…show more content…
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