Why Is Absolutism Still Relevant Today

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The beginning of modern world history is marked by the founding of the United States of America, by the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This nation has played a gargantuan role in world affairs for the last 231 years. A fair portion of the world would likely would be under German rule if the American military wasn't around to wipe the floor in World War I and II. Having developed the longest-lasting recorded democracy on Earth, we are leading many other countries by example to help them form their own democracies. The leading form of government for centuries was monarchy, and primarily absolute monarchy, where the leader cannot be disputed. If the king orders someone executed, no one said anything; if they did, they would likely be next on the list. Were we not here to spread the goodness that is Power of the People, injustice would reign. In that aspect alone we are invaluable. Countless discoveries of new methods, concepts, and technologies are attributed to the United States of America. The sewing machine, the telegraph, the telephone, the artificial heart, and even the mighty computer were all invented by Americans. These inventions are caused by rampant and unsuppressed thinking, surged forward by a desire to better oneself and those…show more content…
The Human Rights Movement of the United States brought to justice a large portion of unconstitutional treating of dark-skinned and/or female American citizens, not to mention just about any non-Caucasian individuals. The very principle of freedom and the lack of discrimination was a founding property of America; religious freedom. People were tired of being oppressed for their religion, so they did something about it. Again, things like this have brought other countries to perform similar actions for the betterment of their governmental systems and
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