Why Is a Personalised Induction More Effective

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A personalized induction will always be more effective Hypnotherapy has an aim to aid personal growth within an individual; the induction used is crucially essential and needs to fit the individual it is intended for. The personalisation of an induction that has an intent purpose for hypnotherapy is crucial to the basic needs of the individual undergoing hypnosis. The purposes of an induction are to assess the client and address their conceptions of hypnosis and more importantly if hypnosis is a productive form of treatment for their needs. The stages that lead to the commencing of hypnotherapy lie within the outcome of an induction, first point is who? Who is undergoing hypnosis, what is their mental state and general health, secondly what is the need for hypnosis, what are they trying to achieve. Our practice is to ask a number of questions to elicit his existing beliefs and ideas of hypnosis and the offer some answers and explanations on the following lines. Karle H.W.A. Boys J.H. (1987) Hypnotherapy A Practical Handbook. London: London Free Association Books. 59 Personalizing an induction views the client as a unique individual, bringing into focus all aspects of the client in order to ascertain their comfort-ability during hypnosis, should that be the course of treatment that is required. Hypnosis is not for everyone, should an individual seeking hypnosis be addicted in some way to drugs or alcohol, or have any form of mental health issue, then hypnosis is more likely not to be the choice of treatment. Because of the varying factors involved hypnosis and mental health are not a well suited combination. During a personalized induction the therapist will be able to make a concise decision based on their observations and conversations with the client. Initially we seek to satisfy ourselves that the problem with which the patient presents is
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