Why Is a 'Christmas Carol' a Key Text? Essay

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Why is ‘A Christmas Carol’ a key text? What makes ‘A Christmas Carol’ and any other text a key text is number of different tools. These include literary merit, the popularity of the text and wether or not people can still relate to the values of the story. Looking at a Christmas carol we must decide wether it is a key text by seeing if it includes the tools for being a key text. Literary merit is the most important aspect to look in to when deciding if a text is a key text. Literary merit includes the context, story and message as well as style, format and the way in which the story has been told. To discover the context for ‘A Christmas carol’ we must look into the life of author Charles Dickens as well as looking into the time in which the story was written. Dickens himself had had a hard life, having had, at the age of nine, his father put into debtors prison, his mother and the rest of the family then moved into prison with his father. Dickens however was sent to work in a warehouse with other child labourers. Dickens wrote ‘A Christmas Carol in the mid 1800’s and due to having had this background and experiences, the main purpose of ‘A Christmas Carol’, and many other novels not just by Dickens at the time, was a social commentary and to draw the attention of the readers to the hardships faced by the poor at the time. The story and message of a text can be closely linked. ‘A Christmas Carol’ is about a man named Scrooge and his journey to discover the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of being a good person. This happens through a series of supernatural events include visits from four ghosts and trips to his past, the present and his future, a very bleak one if he doesn’t not change. The message and ultimately the values that dickens is trying to promote to the readers is that of compassion and the importance of being a good person. Dickens

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