Why Initial Consultation Is Important

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Why is the initial consultation so important? A client can feel a lot of anxiety and mixed emotions when they come for their initial consultation. During this essay I am going to discuss why the initial consultation is so important and the factors an ethical therapist will cover at the time of the first consultation. The hypnotherapy society says that “all clients are entitled to a good standard of care from their practitioners in Hypnotherapy”. They say that “good standards of practice and care require professional competence, good relationships with the clients and colleague, and commitment”. As an ethical therapist I would offer a free initial consultation because it would show my commitment to the client through me devoting my time to them, to talk and get to know them, hopefully I will be able to build confidence and show the client that I am a competent therapist, all of this should start to build a relationship and rapport with the client, also the initial consultation gives both the client and the therapist a chance to decide whether you can work together. The flaw in offering an Initial Consultation is that you could get time wasters, also people might not show up for the appointment. When you first meet your client it…show more content…
Only 7% of our communication is made up through words, the tone and volume of our voices is second at 38% and body language is 55%. There are many ways a therapist can show their client they are listening to them and that they are compassionate an example of this would be to maintain eye contact, nod from time to time to show you empathise with the client’s
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