Why I Wish To Pursue Further(Or Graduate)Education

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Why I Wish To Pursue Further (or Graduate) Education Graduate Education is a window of opportunity to increase my knowledge and earning power in the information technology. Also, it allows me to gain a broader perspective and learn from new and different people. I wish to pursue my Graduate Education, not just because of my admiration to information technology and computer science for my bachelor’s degree, but also to develop dedication and qualifications towards a successful career in the future. Graduate Education will help advance my career to become a software engineer. Applying for a master degree provides me the necessary tools to enhance my experience in the IT & Computer Systems. Since 2006, I have been temporarily employed by different organizations as an I.T Support techian in the field of sport. I would like to employ my expertise for I.T Solutions department in the sport division since sport is one of the most important fields in the state of Kuwait. As I now work as a telemarketing representative, I provide IT Solutions to a lot of fields such as telecommunication, education, petrol and oil manufactures, and many other Fields. Computers are a necessary component to any business, therefore they are sufficient to manage their businesses effectively without time consumption. In the Middle East, we have only started to enhance our education with Information technology. I am looking forward to grow the literacy of computers and include computers studies as a part of the education system and provide programs that can suit each individual in order to help the student choose the right career and gaining more knowledge. Computer and technology are important because it makes communication easier for businesses and households. A Master Degree will help me provide the best solutions that suits each business and to create better solutions for
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