Why I Wanted to Become a Nurse

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As a small child, I've always dreamt of one day becoming a nurse. I remember I would imagine myself wearing the white uniform, and being able to care and heal for sick or injured patients. To me a nurse was not just a person in a uniform, but an individual that could make a difference in another person's life. Imagine you woke with an excruciating sore throat and you decided to go the see a doctor. However, before you are seen by a doctor, you would probably be seen by a nurse first. To me nurses play a huge role in the medical field because often they are the first health-care professional a patient sees. Becoming a nurse is my dream profession. It is profession that allows me to work hands on and express genuine affections towards those that are in need of medical attention.
Growing up, I had my mother to look up to. She plays an important part of my decision to pursue nursing as a profession. She has taught me to be who I am today, a well-respected young lady, who strives for practical and do able goals, work for excellence academically and professionally. I was raised to be humbled, peaceful, strong, and tolerant. And to understand different cultures, beliefs, ethics, and attitudes, to endow others with respect, as well with, a loving heart and an open mind. Nursing is the perfect profession for me because it includes all of my strong points and it offers challenges that I would enjoy seeking and accomplishing.
Nursing is a career choice that I am passionate about because I am able to touch the lives of those who are suffering and embrace them with compassion. Also, nursing is well respected profession, and for me it is my way of a successful future. It is a career path into establishing a stable financial brace for my descendants.
Continuing and completing my education is the most important focused asset in this point of my life. It is a continuous learning

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