Why I Want to Become a Nurse

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I work as a New York State Paramedic for eight years and the one thing that has brought joy to my heart is knowing that I can have a hand in helping someone or saving a life. I am very friendly with nurses that I work with and I also have nurses in my family. I talk to them a lot about their job because I have an interest in pursuing my career as a nurse. I love my job very much and I am looking for the stability that nursing provides. There are a lot of positive outcomes that comes from becoming a nurse. Becoming a nurse gives you so many great career opportunities because there are so many nursing fields you can choose from. As I get older I will not be able to continue working on the ambulance and carrying people out of basements or high apartment floors. I believe the best continuation for me to put my best foot forward in helping people will be by becoming a nurse.
A nurse is a very good career and to my knowledge I know there is a very high shortage in the health care field. I know that becoming a nurse is not going to be easy and my education is never going to fully be completed because there are always thing I have to learn. I will always be frustrated and surrounded by challenges because there is so much to do and so little time. I will carry immense responsibility and very little authority when I step into people’s lives and I will make a difference. There are plenty of times patients and family member will either bless me or curse me but I will carry my job to the fullest. I see people at their worst and at their best and it ceases to amaze me the capacity people have for love, courage, and endurance. I have seen the delivery of newborns and I unfortunately have seen patients pass away and I try my best to hold onto them. I believe by attending Saint Paul’s school of nursing I will receive the best education Saint Paul’s school of nursing has to offer

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