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Why I Want To Be An Engineer Essay

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I’m very fortunate, I’ll be first to admit it. I’ve had the opportunity to get an education, each day I have clean water to drink, I have food to eat, I have great health, and greatest of all I can recognise that many others are not in my position. I’ve had a job in a vineyard with many foreign contract workers for the past four years, and worked with a diverse range of nationalities. I’ve heard many stories of hometowns around the world, and made some strong friendships. My realisation however was created a few years ago while working in the vines at Ngatarawa wines, with a small Cambodian woman. She told me stories of poverty, and how her family of 14 had grown up under the dictation of Pol Pot. Each day she came to work in the vineyard with a few pieces of fruit. She told me the reason she never ate much during the day was because she was saving money to take home for her family. I still have trouble coming to terms with how lucky we really are, and what many of us take for granted.
My first thought was that the world needed more health experts, and more teachers. However these are no more than a short-term fix to a long-lasting issue. The solutions are those very people who can remove the problem, not fix the consequences. Those people called engineers. I want to be a professional engineer in order to fix the long-lasting issues, new technology and innovation will help bring about better food treatment facilities in the East.
Until I was about fifteen I had always thought of an engineer fixing only cars, wearing greasy overalls and had really no knowledge at all about anything they did. Growing up though I have realised I have been surrounded by engineering works of art since I was born, everyone has been. I want to be a professional engineer because of the integral nature of the work they carry out which is so important to New Zealand. Engineers are behind all industries in New Zealand and will continue to adapt new...

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