Why I Want To Be A Cheer Captain Essay

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Captain Essay To be a cheerleading captain, it takes dedication, determination, energy, communication skills, responsibility, leadership skills, and a passion for cheerleading. I know that I fit all of these qualities, and I feel that I would make an excellent captain. Being captain is one of the most important aspects of a cheerleading squad, and with my hard work, leadership skills, and determination, I know that I can take this squad very far. I am well prepared to take on the responsibilities that may come my way this year as captain. I know that when I take this position I will be faced with countless obstacles but I will not give up on my squad. When I make cheer captain, I will give my all and try my hardest to get this squad where it needs to be. I know my place on the squad should be captain because I am a dependable and responsible person. I am also a well-organized person, so I will always make sure everything that needs to be done for the squad is done. I know I will be capable of organizing the formations of our squad and organizing the stunts that will be used. I am confident in our upcoming squad; I know that they are too, so I will have to manage what goes on. Although stunting is an important part of cheerleading, it can be dangerous and should be taking seriously, so I will have to be able to stand…show more content…
Being a captain, you are not chosen to do all the work; you are given the privilege to lead the squad. By receiving these privileges as captain I know that they are tasks that need to be done for my squad to help them be better cheerleaders, therefore I would not be bothered or frustrated by having to do these tasks. I know when I am cheer captain that I will make you proud and never let you down. I know that with my hard work, responsibility and leadership skills, along with my passion for cheer I know failure will not be an option. I cannot imagine a year without me as captain, can

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