Why i Want To Be a Teacher Essay

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The word teacher is responsible for informing or teaching someone something. But not everyone would have the same image of a teacher. I personally have an image of a teacher as being someone who is kind, loving, gentle, patient, and understanding. When I think of the word teacher, I get the visual image of a person standing by a desk helping a child with their school work. My own thoughts of what I believe a teacher should be, along with my life experiences and goals all contribute to why I want to be a teacher. My thoughts of what a teacher should be formed from my own life experiences. As a child grows up, they learn many things and for most of us, we do not remember learning some of the things that we know how to do, for example walking, talking and loving. There are many forms of teachers, as an adult, I myself am in college learning, but I also find myself learning things from other people and my work environment. thirty years. I want to do something that I will enjoy and will be good at. I like working with children. It is nice when you get a chance to know the children. Education is the beginnings to a future. The earlier children are nurtured with learning, I believe the more likely they are to succeed in life. What a brighter future a child can have if they have someone in their life that will take time to care about them and help them receive an education. Every child deserves someone in their life that they can respect and can give them respect. I believe that it is my responsibility to rear the children to become the best adults that they can be and to be the best example of an adult in front of

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