Why i Want To Be a Nurse Essay

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Chamberlain College of Nursing September 28, 2011 The reasons why I want to become a nurse. Being a nurse will help me make a difference in the world by helping save lives. I always loved helping people; I find it very fulfilling to know that the small part that I hope to play in the future will help a person on his or her recovery to good health. A nurse, to me, is someone who is friendly, patience, compassionate and trustworthy. I believe these traits personally are important to have when entering the nursing field. I want to be the kind of person that can give patients the physical and emotional support that they need to face whatever problem that may arise. School is the place I need to go to be provided with the knowledge and proper qualification to provide the proper care to the patients. The medical field to me is fascinating to learn how our environment, DNA and what we eat affects our health. For example, I had read that a poor diet that is low in antioxidants and environmental exposure to toxins can damage the DNA in the cells and years later show up as cancer. It is important to eat the right type of food to provide energy, and protect your cells from damage. Everything is connected. Just like the medical field is a gigantic corporation of people working together from, the administrative assistant who takes the patient information, to the nurses who prepare the patient to meet the doctor and back to the nurses who follow the doctor’s instruction and give out the correct dosage of medicine. This is a small example of the teamwork that goes on in the hospital; it takes thousands of people to make a hospital run smoothly. I want to be part of this corporation whose job is to promote health and prevent diseases from happening. I am hoping that Chamberlain College of Nursing will help me achieve my goal and

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