Why I want a master degree

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When I graduated and received my degree in Business Administration major in Accounting in 1982, I thought of pursuing graduate studies but that plan was put at the back burner when I took the board examination for Certified Public Accountant in the Philippines. I passed the examination and was offered a job. Since then I enjoyed working and building up my career both in the private and public sector. Two years ago, I quit my federal job to join my family in Page, AZ. I have not gone back to work since then, but found an opportunity to go back to school and pursue what I had been wanting years ago, to go to a graduate school. The modern technology has many things to offer at the comfort of your home. Having said that, being a mom taking care of children, and living in an area over a hundred miles away from the University Campus, I find the distance learning a great opportunity to expand my education. Currently, I am volunteering at the National Park Service and also trying to gain employment with them as a Budget Analyst. In my prior position, I worked for the Department of Defense as a Budget Analyst in South Korea. I want to use the free time I have now to further my education which would benefit myself and any future employer. Jobs I had held in the past have provided me with a diverse foundation and taught me that different countries have basically the same accounting procedures but there are also differences as well. There were few differences between the practices in the Philippines and the U.S. Years ago there was a decision made by the government of the Philippines to follow the accounting standards of the U.S. to the extend possible since it was already a proven system. That fact helped me when I gained employment as a budget analyst with the U.S. government. There are considerable differences, however, with accounting and
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