Why I Took Psych Essay

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Why I’m taking Psychology… There are a few big reasons why I decided to take Psychology. I need this class for my Associates Degree but, Psychology is also an interesting topic to me. One of the reasons is to help me understand myself. Some of the things I would like to learn about would be the different ways to deal with stress, how to fix my sleep cycle, how one’s thought processes work, avoiding hitting breaking points, etc. With learning all that, I can learn how to be able to help others with understanding deeper issues they have that can be dealt with rather than ignored. I have always liked to be that friend that people can come to and talk to, and I also want to be the friend that gives helpful advice. I always feel as if I have hit a point where I am stuck, where I do not know what to say to people on how to deal with their situations, and I always feel as if I had let a friend down that way, so knowing different ways on how to cope with certain situations helps me tell people specific ways that I think could benefit them with it. I’ve known quite a few people in my life that suffer from depression and bipolar disorders and some other disorders, so I would also like to learn about the many different mental illnesses people can have such as: bipolar disorder, ADD and ADHD, depression, suicide, schizophrenia, eating disorders, etc. I want to know mostly the basic information; what causes people to have these disorders, why people gain them at certain points in their life, the visible signs of them, how they can be treated, and how to help someone that has a certain disorder. I finally made up my mind on what I wanted to become when I grew up. I decided that I want to become a Crime Scene Investigator because I enjoy analyzing situations, solving mysteries, and trying to reach answers by the little bit of information that is provided to me. I think

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